Air Control Engineering’s series of ProDraft Eliminator industrial dust control systems effectively capture dust, smoke and fumes throughout the workplace environment.

Manufacturing operations that require removal of wood, sand, metal, chemical, mining, plastics, food processing and pharmaceutical packaging dusts will all benefit from our ProDraft Eliminator total package solutions. Our systems are also ideal for elimination of welding and plasma cutting smoke.

ProDraft Eliminator high performance dust collection systems are designed for ducted connection to any type of dust-producing equipment or capture hood. The cost-effective modular design of our vertically-stackable models allows for variable capacities up to 16,000 cubic feet per minute (cfm) per module and beyond. We have a combination of product quality and highly flexible modular customization that provides you with the best value.

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ProDraft Eliminator 4400 Series
Ideal for small manufacturing operations requiring from 3,000 cfm to 4,800 cfm of dust removal.

ProDraft Eliminator 6600 Series
The modular vertically-stackable design provides customizable installations for 7,000 cfm to 12,000 cfm per module of high performance dust removal.

ProDraft Eliminator 8600 Series
For even the most demanding dust removal situations from 10,000 cfm to 16,000 cfm per module capacity and beyond, we can provide highly flexible configurations to suit any requirement.

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