ProDraft PD1500HD
Work Bench

ProDraft PD3000
High Capacity Work Bench

Capacity ProDraft PD1500HD - Up to 2,000 cfm removed from worker's breathing zone
ProDraft PD3000 High Capacity - Up to 3,000 cfm removed from worker's breathing zone
Efficiency Cartridge filters capture more than 99.9% of particles 1 micron diameter or larger
Easy Cleaning Filters are easily removed without tools for periodic manual cleaning. The PD1500HD has optional pulse-jet filter cleaning with push-button operation.
Rugged Heavy gauge mild steel with durable powder coated finish
Powerful 3 HP/3-phase/voltage to suit; direct drive airfoil impeller
Quiet Built-in silencer and outlet air diffuser
Spark-Safe Wet-Deck operation for grinding/welding spark quenching
Large Flat Deck ProDraft PD1500HD - 56" long x 40" wide x 35" high
ProDraft PD3000 High Capacity - 76" long x 36" wide x 35" high
Heavy Load 250 lb/sq.ft.; 2,000 lb total load
Note: Designs and features are subject to ongoing innovations.

•Polyester filters for wet operations
•Non-marking plastic deck and deck covers
•Casters for mobility
•Variable speed kit for blower motor
•Manual motor starter with overload protection and filter monitoring gauge

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