Air Control Engineering offers a comprehensive line of industrial-quality dust control systems that help to provide a clean and safe environment for your workers. Our highly-efficient systems remove irritating, toxic or carcinogenic dusts or smoke that are damaging to lungs and tough on equipment.

Our ProDraft Eliminator industrial dust control systems effectively capture workplace dust, smoke and fumes for manufacturing operations that require from 2,500 cubic feet per minute of capacity up to 16,000 cfm in single modules. Highly customized installations can be assembled from the vertically-stackable modules of the 6600 and 8600 series.

Capacity upgrades can be installed rapidly and at a favorable price with the simple addition of another module on top of the existing installation. By stacking modules, we avoid duplication of the stand, hopper and discharge device (e.g. rotary valve) for substantial savings. Each module is fully equipped with filters, filter-cleaning system and integrally mounted direct drive blower.

Air Control Engineering also offers two models of ProDraft air-filtering work benches to help provide your workers with a localized at-source breathing zone that’s safe from irritating, toxic or carcinogenic dusts or smoke. Our rugged work benches are perfect for grinding, polishing, welding or sanding jobs.

We also have a wide selection of options and other related products to increase the effectiveness and value of dust control solutions.

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